About us

It’s All About building Relationships!

Our Care Coordinators are dedicated and trained to recruit only the best candidates we can find for your family. We adhere to the highest industry standard and we expect the same from the candidates we choose to represent us. Our excellence in the industry enables us to attract the highest level applicants and build lasting relationships.


The DeeVee Nanny Agency was founded by Doris and Vuyi who has worked as a consultant for a Nanny Agency for 11 years , Specialist and Specializes with Multiples, It is with her experience and knowledge coupled with her passion for professionalism that gives Vuyi and Doris a solid understanding of the private staffing sector.
Their vision is to provide a service that gives parents the tools to succeed. They personally oversees and manages all aspects of the agency to continually ensure quality.  They enjoys traveling, checking things off their bucket list and volunteering in their free time.


The Deevee Nanny Agency has a very strict policy when it comes to placing a nanny. DeeVee Nanny Agency only partners with exceptionally skilled, experienced, and good-natured Childcare Professionals turning away ~93% of applicants due to our high standards. The ~7% of applicants we accept are always individuals that are experienced, knowledgeable in child development, and passionate about helping families.

We understand how important it is for families to feel reassured that finding the best match for their children and homes will always be our priority. Only the highest calibre of Childcare Specialists and Nannies will be accepted. This is achieved by using a 10 point process followed by a successful interview at our office and then extensive checks of criminal, job history, references and certificates.

We endeavour to create a professional happy and lasting relationship between our staff, our families and our nannies. If the candidate doesn’t meet our standards they are simply not introduced to our clients.